Looking for love nowadays can be challenging for any mature, independent woman.

This manual is designed to banish the myths and inspire the use of modern dating Apps.

About Once Upon a Tinder

Whether you are a novice or more experienced, it demonstrates the dos and don’ts through tender stories of first dates and romantic encounters. Dr. Ann will take you on one journey after another with gentle self-awareness.

Be prepared to laugh out loud and perhaps shed a tear or two, as we unravel the most important relationship of all; the one you have with you. Before you know it, this heart-warming manual will have you Daring to Love Again!

Entertaining and deeply wise

This is such a great book! I read it cover to cover in one night. It is hard to put down. It’s a great mix of personal anecdotes and deep wisdom. I resonated with so many of the experiences. I also felt like Dr. Ann was talking to me about what I was going through at that very moment, encouraging me to grow past my current blocks. I am really grateful to her for having written this. We women need to treat ourselves as goddesses and lead the way to more loving, respectful relationships with men.

D. Nidy

Excellent read

This is spoken from the heart, full of integrity, fun and honest advice. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of starting dating and those already dating but not happy with the way it’s going. Thought provoking!

Claire White

So Relatable

Such an amazing read. I couldn’t put it down and could honestly relate so much to it. Thank you Dr Ann for putting this story out there. Loved it. 💜

Sinead McGarvey

I wholeheartedly and highly recommend this book to any woman who wants to feel sexy, desired and loved again.

Mirav Tarkka, Five times best selling author, speaker and coach

An amazing guide to anyone online dating again.

Loved this book an amazing guide to anyone online dating again , could not put it down , so beautifully written x

Gail Helferty

If you want more joy in your life read it!

My only problem with this lovely joyful little book is that I wanted it to be longer… It encourages me to move outside my safe comfort zone, and love and laugh more ❤️


Couldn’t put it down, the fun of the experiences but the lessons that came to unfold. A great light hearted read. Amazing Ann

About Dr Ann

Dr. Ann Donnelly; The Love Doctor, writes from personal experience as well as a lifetime of guiding patients through challenging life events and helping clients build authentic resilience. Her honest look at love challenges certain behaviours, while encouraging the art of living life alive!

She has worked for over twenty-five years as an NHS doctor in General Practice and Palliative Medicine. In parallel, she has a passion for Holistic Medicine and Metaphysics and is an International Teacher and Member of the Counsel of Twelve Women with the Modern Mystery School. Here, she joyfully continues her studies as an apprentice Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher.

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