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Why did I write Once Upon a Tinder?

I’ve been asked why?

Why did I write Once Upon a Tinder?

While there were lots of reasons. Here are a few!

I wanted to overcome one of my greatest fears, (learning to trust someone enough to let them into my heart again) & I knew I was not alone.

Using an App gave me the opportunity to learn to chat & to flirt without all the awkwardness & anyone can!
I watched myself come alive again & you can to!

I loved the first dates & getting to know people with no pressure. It can be terrifying & fun at the same time!

I realised how I missed the learning in relationship, no matter how short or how long. & I wanted to share lessons learned along the way in Once Upon a Tinder.

Above all I wanted to make the world a more loving place!

I hope you find a place in your heart for the words & the revelations too ❤️

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